The Revival Predicted by Daniel The Prophet

During a shepherds rod experience the Lord spoke to me at length about a revival which He prophesied through Daniel would come to the church. The prophet Daniel said that in the last days they that know God will be strong and do exploits and lead many to righteousness. He showed me that because this was a prophecy that it would happen and that this is something He wanted me and others to pray. He began to explain it to me. Daniel was given to a life of intercession and He prayed the prophecies of Jeremiah. He didn’t just start telling everyone oh its gonna happen no...he fasted and prayed for 30 days and gave himself to intercession so that he might bring it forth through prayer. And this is how we will do it.

The Lord then reminded me of the key to this unprecedented release of grace. Some of these leaders who He would raise up in the last days would fall away and of those some would be restored. After this their later ministries would be greater than their former ministry. Now the Lord asked me, How do you think their ministry was greater. I had always assumed that they would lead more people to God. But He said that what was greater about their latter ministry was the key to the revival that would follow. They were humble now and broken. And finally they would no longer produce disciples who were also not humble and broken. This is the key to the revival which is coming.

The Lord has told us the message of this revival, remember what He said, In that day they will no longer say know the Lord for they shall all know me. That seems to be the final group of Christians who get the job done. That message “know the living God", is the message that will do it. It wasn’t know about God. Many today believe about God. Honestly there is an established doctrine which is commonly taught in the church that just knowing about God will save you. But the scripture is clear when it says, Even the Demons believe and tremble but this is not the trust of a person who knows God. Those that know Him have come face to face with the knowledge of the King of the Earth who will judge their sin and then they know the fear of God, but then they see his mercy and know His comfort. Israel knew his hand but Moses knew his Face. Remember the prophecy they that know the Lord will be strong and do exploits.

So this is the key message of the end time harvesters of the nations….. They will know the Lord be strong and do exploits. They will share this message: Know the Lord. They will walk in humility and brokenness. The brokenness in their lives will be illustrated by their Love and humility as it is written “those who have been forgiven much will love much”. So this is saying they will know the father and Jesus said if you know the father you will love me.

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  1. Friendship with the world is enmity with Christ, but by the same token: Friendship with Christ is enmity with the world. The key to the Christian faith, is friendship with God. If you don’t know God, God won’t be able to accept you into his kingdom. Many parables talk about this: God rejecting people from eternal life, simply because he never knew them. In order to know someone, you not only have to know them, they also have to know you.

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